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The To Do Done Handyman Team is truly what sets us apart from other handyman services.

Our team works together and supports each other on jobs. We build our team through fundraising activities together, such as our Doghouse Competition which raised money for the Ottawa Humane Society, and our “Bust a Move” campaign that raised money for breast cancer research. We have a vast array of expertise that come together to deliver on the various requests that we receive every day from our clients. There is never one person who can do absolutely everything, which is where we have the benefit of drawing upon our team of experts to get just about anything done!

Emmett McDougall

Emmett is an aspiring firefighter, strong and fearless, and works along side our handyman team to get the jobs done right.

Trevor Hampel

Trevor is a carpenter by trade, and a “fix it all” kind of guy. He is capable of taking on almost any challenge in a home, but his favourite task by far is building decks and fences, and anything out of wood.

Chris Jaques

Chris grew up in the trades, working alongside family members and learning by doing. He is particularly skilled in drywall taping and mudding – a definite asset on our team! He has also lead a number of our basement and bathroom renovations.

Phil Panet Raymond

Phil has been working in construction his entire life, and loves to take on new challenges and expand his skill set all the time. His core skills are in carpentry and interlock, but he can take on any level of renovation and construction both indoor and out.

Cedric Roy-Paulette

Cedric has been working in construction his entire life, and is a great problem solver. His core skills are in carpentry & tiling, however he can take on any level of project both indoor and out.

Mark Jorgensen

Mark has had a career in IT and construction. He loves working with his hands and has been drawn back into the field because of his passion for building and fixing things.  Custom carpentry and full renovations are his major interests, but he is happy to take on the small projects as well.

Willem Grant

Willem is a university student, with us for the summer, and has come to the handyman field recently and proven to be an amazing asset on the team. A hard worker, smart, and eager to learn by working along side our mentors and highly experienced team, Will is quickly becoming a skilled professional.

Adam Myers

Adam is our lead painter, with extensive commercial and residential painting experience and expertise. Adam has lead projects on heritage homes, high-end restaurants, and embassies and is capable of taking on any painting project.

Mike Adams

Mikey is a member of our painting team, with tons of experience in both residential and commercial painting. He is always friendly and helpful – guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

Christine Farquar

Christine is our Office Administrator extraordinaire! Christine has experience in the renovations field, having worked for other renovation companies; bought, fixed and flipped a few properties; and studied interior design, so she is very knowledgeable and can help you with your project from the get-go. She is the person who is often the first point of contact with our clients, and she is fluently bilingual in French and English.

Tonya Bruin

Tonya is To Do Done’s CEO, and has a background in the sciences and public health policy, but pulled off a mid-career switch when she decided to open a handyman company. Not so handy herself, at the very least she knows how to run a business, and how to keep her team happy and working towards great results.

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