Seasonal Subscription Package

Many working professionals hire a housecleaner to come in once every two weeks to give their home a good cleaning. It only makes sense – it’s not that they can’t do those chores themselves, it’s just that they have busy lives: work, kids, family, and other commitments. But there are lots of things that a housecleaner simply won’t do, and that is where The To Do Done Seasonal Subscription Service comes in. Twice per year, we will send either 1 handyman for 8 hours, or 2 handymen together for 4 hours to tackle your seasonal list of things to do around the house.

For most of our subscribers these items include: changing furnace filters, cleaning gutters, cleaning windows, fixing trim, paint touch ups, door planing, fixing doors and windows, and re-doing caulking in bathrooms, kitchens and windows. We will even shovel snow or chisel ice off of decks, walkways and steps! Once a year, we recommend rinsing every bit of your siding with a pressure washer to get rid of dust and dirt. If allowed to accumulate year after year, the siding will eventually begin to look distinctly grimy and won’t come clean unless scrubbed. This is a regular request from our seasonal subscribers each spring.

You may have other particular needs around the house to prepare for winter, or open up in the spring, this service is flexible and lets you choose what aspects are most important to you.

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